You are not alone.
For immediate help call
1-800-273-8255 now. 

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There is Hope in Help.

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“I AM SOMBODY” addresses the stigma of mental disorders, and suicide ideation of teen males within the African American community.


"No matter, no worry. Nothing physical, no worry. No harm, no foul. Be uniquely exclusively YOU!"

—  Corey , Cincinnatti

Black children under 13
years old are two times 
more likely to  die by suicide 
compared to their white peers.

Text "4HOPE" to 741741 for help

You are not alone.

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Meet more black men who get it and have been where you are.

The Steve Fund has created ​a special keyword, STEVE, that young people of color can text to 741741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7. ​ The Fund views text messaging as a key component of its strategy towards addressing the unmet mental health needs of college and university students of color.​ Through its partnership with the Crisis Text Line, the Fund promotes text messaging as a means to improve the critically needed access for young people of color to crisis counseling.

Black Girls Smile 

Black Girls Smiles is in partnership with Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation to provide free therapy sessions for Black teen girls. Mention OSPF and they will move your request to the front of the line and tell you how many free sessions you will receive.

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Meet Chris

In 2012, Chris was facing legal troubles, hadn't received an opportunity to get his career started and wasn't making enough money to support himself. He figured things would be easier if he wasn't here.

"I happened to be in church one time and they were talking about depression and on the Jumbotron, they had signs of depression and I’m sitting in church thinking to myself, “Am I depressed?” Because those symptoms, I had experienced. What I was going through, was already difficult enough to deal with so I started thinking that I couldn’t get over the hurdle…”

Watch Chris share his story of triumph and strength.