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We Are Our Brothers Keeper

We are COMMITTED, PURPOSEFUL and DELIBERATE in our encouragement and representation! The main objective of "With You Here", is to be a reliable resource for any one who needs encouragement through dark times but specifically Black men. We are actively identifying and collaborating with African American males in Columbus, OH and beyond who have suffered in silence while being conditioned by a myopic society that says seeking help is synonymous with being weak.  There are thousands who share your fears, your shame, and your pain. Fortunately, there are also those who share in rejoicing because it does get better.

Get involved, meet the bros and learn about their mental health journey.

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Alarm Clock


The scars we don't see are the ones that prevent people from all they were destined to be. Those that suffer from mental illness yearn to take control of life but at times yield to overwhelming strife and feel as though they are left to battle demons alone. The cultural ideology surrounding those that suffer from mental health issues is perpetuated by implying mental health is synonymous to being labeled as "crazy" or "weak". IT'S TIME TO SOUND 

THE ALARM and change the way in which Black communities view mental illness by normalizing getting treatment. Hug someone you know is having a difficult time and tell them "Life is Better with YOU HERE".



Dan's Story

Dan shares his experience with depression and how he was able to regain his mental and emotional well-being.


Dez's Story

Dez openly shares his experience with mental health, hiding his pain and how he was able to overcome those challenges.


Honey Bell-Bey

 Cuyahoga County Poet Laureate  


'I'm 41 and alive!' - Voices For Suicide Prevention

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